Album Cover
Australian Ghost Story
The Paradise Motel
Released: Jun 11, 2010
Label: Left Over Life To Kill Records
Track Listing
1 The Witnesses
2 Brown Snake
3 My Sister in 94
4 A Bend in the Terror
5 The Cops
6 Goodwin and the Jumpsuit
7 Familiar Stranger
8 Stations of the Cross
9 Prelude to a Saga
10 Vigil

Liner Notes

All songs for AC.

A Bend in the Terror for DH.


Paradise Regained
The Age Newspaper
NOW that it's done, making a concept album about the Azaria Chamberlain case seems inevitable. And now they've done it, The Paradise Motel seems the inevitable band to make it. Read more: [Read More...]
Paradise Lost and Rediscovered
The Mercury
CRITICALLY acclaimed former Hobart band The Paradise Motel are back from the dead after a 10-year hiatus. [Read More...]
Australian Ghost Story
Mess & Noise
“The worlds the Paradise Motel used to reside in were always bound by tragedy, but they were much less hermetically sealed than this.” [Read More...]
Australian Ghost Story
The Vine
"Australian Ghost Story”: it’s not as if the title of The Paradise Motel’s first album in over a decade wasn’t evocative enough. But just to make sure, the album’s first song sets the scene: “This happened one evening as a nation lay sleeping,” whispers Merida Sussex over a skeletal guitar figure. “Maybe we see things / Maybe we dream them.” It’s like the opening voiceover to a film, or a play, and for all that it’s often lazy writing to describe something as “cinematic” or “widescreen”, they’re both adjectives that really do apply here, given how atmospheric and narrative-heavy this record is. [Read More...]
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