Album Cover
Left Over Life to Kill (UK version)
The Paradise Motel
Released: Jun 15, 1997
Label: Infectious Records
Track Listing
1 Calling You
2 Dead Skin
3 Men Who Loved Her
4 Watch Illuminum
5 Skip Bins
6 Desperate Plan
7 Bad Light
8 German Girl
9 Ashes
10 Stones

Liner Notes

Merida Sussex: Voice

Matthew Bailey: Acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, electric piano, Hammond organ, atmospherics 

Matthew Aulich: Electric guitar, 12-string guitar, Hammond, Bell

Charles Bickford: Tapes, Hammond

Tim O'Shannassy: Drums

Mark Austin: Acoustic guitar, Hammond

Campbell McDonell Shaw: Violin, viola

Yasmin Aly: Cello

Tahnee van Herk: Bassoon

Joanne Montesano: French horn


String, wind and brass arrangements by Matthew Aulich

Recorded and produced by The Paradise Motel at Seneca Studio 


Art direction by Catherine Foster.

Cover photography by Rose Cupit.

Mastered by David Briggs.

'Left Over Life to Kill' from the autobiography of Caitlin Thomas.

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