Album Cover
Still Life
The Paradise Motel
Released: Jun 15, 1996
Label: Infectious Records
Track Listing
1 Bad Light
2 California
3 Circles
4 Calling You
5 Dead Skin
6 Men Who Loved Her
7 Historical
8 John
9 F Heart
10 Stones

Liner Notes

Tracks 1,2,3,6,8,9,10 written and published by Bickford (Mushroom Music)

Track 4 written and published by Bickford/Aulich (Mushroom Music)

Track 5 published by Bailey/Bickford (Mushroom Music)

Track 7 written and published by Aulich (Mushroom Music)


Recorded, mixed and produced by The Paradise Motel at The Destructor during the month of July 1996.

Stones produced by Charles Bickford, May 1996.

Strings on 1,4,5,7,9 played by Yasmin Aly and Caerwen Martin (cello), Jen Kerr and Dougal Scott (viola), Campbell McDonell Shaw and Lisa Reynolds (violin).

String parts written and arranged by Matthew Aulich.


Art direction: Catherine Foster

Photography: Rose Cupit

Design: Julian Poulson



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