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The Paradise Motel
Released: Sep 1, 2013
Label: Left Over Life To Kill
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I Still Hear Your Voice At Night
The Paradise Motel
Released: Jan 29, 2011
Label: Inertia / Left Over Life To Kill
If Ghost Story exposes the bare bones, its predecessor is the meat. Its lush arrangements are more obviously the product of time spent in the studio. Many of the songs swoon with sea-sick string parts. The dark romanticism the band is renowned for is in place, as is Bickford’s oblique narrative style, which teases listeners with ambiguity and evocation rather than explication.
‘Shipped as Ballast’ is an undemonstrative tour de force. Its genius truly creeps up on you.
(Rene Schaefer, Mess+Noise)

I Still Hear Your Voice At Night is all about the spaces in between words, just as much as it is about the physical and philosophical spaces across this country. [It] is a quietly insistent record, full of maturity and sorrow, and will surely grow upon its listeners with each subsequent play. The Paradise Motel are back, and we are all better off for it.
Review Score: 9/10
(A. Watts, The AU Review)
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Australian Ghost Story
The Paradise Motel
Released: Jun 11, 2010
Label: Left Over Life To Kill Records
"Australian Ghost Story”: it’s not as if the title of The Paradise Motel’s first album in over a decade wasn’t evocative enough. But just to make sure, the album’s first song sets the scene: “This happened one evening as a nation lay sleeping,” whispers Merida Sussex over a skeletal guitar figure. “Maybe we see things / Maybe we dream them.” It’s like the opening voiceover to a film, or a play, and for all that it’s often lazy writing to describe something as “cinematic” or “widescreen”, they’re both adjectives that really do apply here, given how atmospheric and narrative-heavy this record is.
(Tom Hawking, The Vine)

As much as the album is about a historical fact and a personal tragedy, it’s also about The Paradise Motel. They’re older now, more alert to the random tragedies that can befall us in an instant, and their consequences. While less immediate than Flight Paths, AGS ends up no less brilliant or powerful. It’ll be a close run for album of the year, no doubt.
(JP Hammond, Mess + Noise)
Album Cover
Flight Paths
The Paradise Motel
INFECT65CD / MUSH33102.2
Released: Jun 4, 1998
Label: Infectious Records / Mushroom
Flight Paths is The Paradise Motel's second album, released in 1998. It features the singles 'Aeroplanes', 'Derwent River Star', ' Heavy Weather' and their most famous track, a cover of The Cars' 'Drive'.
The first album recorded and released following the band's relocation to London, it was described upon its release as 'a deliciously unsettling proposition' by NME.
Album Cover
Left Over Life to Kill (UK version)
The Paradise Motel
Released: Jun 15, 1997
Label: Infectious Records
Album Cover
Still Life
The Paradise Motel
Released: Jun 15, 1996
Label: Infectious Records
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